Badminton racquet for beginners

Last updated on September 22nd, 2020 at 02:21 pm AEST (+10:00)

Featuring TOALSON RIDGE POWER 66 Full High Modulus Graphite Pro

If you just start out in this sport, one of the first items you will need to invest in is a badminton racquet, see my other post here.

I recommended my cousin, who I have started training on the weekend the other racquet TOALSON MEGA FLEX NANO POWER 55 Full Graphite Pro as it does the job nicely without breaking the bank.

This time though, I decided to go with a different version at a cool AU $49.99 😮 – the Toalson Ridge Power 66 to try out.

The seller is currently in Prospect, Sydney so I got the item pretty much the next day.

As soon as I picked up the racquet, it felt easy and comfortable. It’s a balanced racquet which suits perfectly for a beginner. It felt like the favourite Prince (Tour Lite) racquets I used in the past.

Compared with a $35 Yonex racquet I got in Rebel or a Decathlon branded one this feels much closer to those high end Yonex racquets.

The recommended tension is 25lbs which is great because anything under 25lbs is what you need when the hand and wrist powers have not yet developed.

Overall, I’m a happy camper and can’t wait to get this one to the court for a test!