How to add Product Comment Manually in PrestaShop


PrestaShop installation ( at the time of this writing)
Product Comments module (by PrestaShop) (v4.0.1 at the time of this writing)

As we all know, customer reviews are crucial to drive sale due to a trust factor. Sometimes, it’s not possible to ask the customers to leave a proper review on the website. It may be a sale from someone who purchased the product offline and only gave the feedback via SMS or Messenger.

Assuming the customer was added to the back office, the easiest way to add the product comment is to go to insert an entry in the database.

  • id_product_comment: the id of the entry in this table
  • id_product: look up the id of the product via the back office
  • id_customer: look up the id of the customer via the back office
  • title: this is the title of the review
  • content: this is the description of the review
  • customer_name: the name of the customer
  • grade: 1 to 5 (corresponds to the number of stars)
  • validate: 1
  • deleted: 0
  • date_add: choose the date & time of the review (in UTC)

That’s it! Now go to the front end to view the result.