Beginner Guide

More than just surviving, tips & tricks to improve your game and have fun…

If you haven’t checked out the prequel of this guide, see it here.

In this guide, I will present the necessary steps in more details to get you started.


  1. Grip
  2. Footwork fundamental
    • Split Step
    • Lunge
    • Chasse (Short Distance)
    • Step (Long Distance)
    • Shuffle
    • Cross Over (substitute of Shuffle)
    • Hop
    • Scissor Jump
  3. Footwork 4 corners
    • Front Court Forehand Corner
    • Front Court Backhand Corner
    • Rear Court Forehand Corner
    • Rear Court Backhand Corner
  4. Basic shots
    • Clear
    • Drop
    • Smash
    • Cut

1. Grip

Forehand Grip
Backhand Grip (Thumb)
Bevel Grip
Hammer (Pan Handle) Grip

2. Footwork Fundamental

Split Step
Cross Over

Replace the Shuffle to cover longer distance

Block Jump (Hop)
Scissor Jump
Scissor Jump

3. Footwork 4 corners

Front Court Forehand Corner
  1. Directional split step
  2. Side shuffle
  3. Lunge
  4. Push with right foot to recover
Front Court Backhand Corner
  1. Directional split step
  2. Push with right foot
  3. Left foot step forward (backhand corner)
  4. Right foot follow to lunge and land in front (heel first)
  5. Push with right foot to recover
Front Court Combined
Rear Court Forehand Corner

3 patterns: china jump, defensive, scissor jump

  1. Split step
  2. Side shuffle
  3. Scissor jump
Rear Court Backhand Corner (Around the Head)
  1. Split step
  2. Push with the right foot & turn hip
  3. Skip with left foot
  4. Scissor jump and hit
Rear Court Combined
4 Corners Combined

4. Basic Shots

Forearm Rotation Bio-Mechanics

Useful badminton YouTube channels

Last updated on August 16th, 2020 at 10:49 am AEST (+10:00)

A compilation of useful YouTube channels for badminton enthusiasts

Badminton Famly (not Family as I first read 😁) :

  • I’m following this channel below closely these days. It has a great amount of free contents. The videos are succinct but informative, and not to mention they are professionally created and choreographed. There’s a paid option if anyone is interested:
Badminton Famly - an awesome YouTube badminton channel

I hope they go well and will consider getting a subscription some time in the future.


  • As I pointed out in my beginner guide, footwork is a critical part of improving your game. I can see that in the social baddy groups I currently play not everyone can move around effectively. Most of them picked up the experience by playing for years, they have the instinctive skill sets but lack the foundation of the game. This old but gold channel is one of the first ones I followed. It contains short videos of the important pieces of footwork:
thegym - YouTube badminton channel


  • The very first channel I watched a lot back in the days is this one below. Anna Rice – the instructor – spent a lot of time going into details in her videos. A lot of stuffs may not make sense first of all but if you revisit the videos after some time, it will start to click.
betterbadminton - a YouTube badminton channel